Drew Lindsay continues to create the Ben Hood Thriller Series together with short stories and occasional non-fiction. 
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STAY THERE DEAR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 42)
Ben Hood didn’t want to go on a holiday with Rodney and Rose, but they talked him into it.  It started out nice…but then he got arrested, charged with murder, put in prison and shot.  Not the best holiday he has ever had but Karma often favours Ben.  Eventually.  Perhaps not exactly the Karma he expected, but under the circumstances, he wasn’t about to complain.

Stay There Dear is available for $4.99  from Smashwords.com here

ANNABEL (Ben Hood Thriller No. 41)
She is beautiful, desirable; everything a man could wish for in a woman.  Ben Hood is extremely attracted to Annabel.  Suddenly, without warning, she goes missing.  Ben is determined to find her.  His search leads him to Lord Howe Island and then to Cairns in Far North Queensland.  Eventually he discovers that she is not the woman he thought he knew, and she is trapped in a frightening situation with a ruthless criminal organization.  Ben is desperate to save her, but he would also enjoy not being dead.    

Annabel is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here 

An old plane, carrying an extremely valuable and dangerous cargo, was alleged to have crashed into Limeburners Creek near Port Macquarie.  An extensive search by many, failed to find the wreckage of this plane or its cargo.  A local resident is suspected of having some knowledge of this plane crash.  Her grandfather lived on the banks of Limeburners Creek and may have passed on information to her before he died.  There are those who would seek to do her harm or even kill her, unless she provides relevant information.  Ben Hood is hired in an attempt to stop that from happening.  Ben finds himself embroiled in an old mystery which could have fatal results for him.

Mystery at Limeburners Creek is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

VOODOO (Ben Hood Thriller No. 39)
She went to a commune where voodoo and witchcraft are practiced. She was young and wild and vulnerable. Then she vanished without a trace. Ben Hood was enticed out of retirement to try and find this girl. His search in Far North Queensland, would lead him into a world of evil spirit worship and voodoo, and an environment of danger which would test every skill he possessed.  

Voodoo is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

IRRESISTIBLE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 38)
One of Ben’s former work colleagues is brutally murdered; his body dumped into Lake Parramatta.  Ben feels he should investigate, notwithstanding resistance from police.  He is led into a dark world of high-class prostitution coupled with strong inducements for Australian clients to participate in a Chinese based business trying to establish deep footholds within Australia.  These clients find the entire Chinese package, Irresistible.  A ruthless killer in their midst is possibly the least of Ben’s problems.

Irresistible is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

HUNTER IS MISSING (Ben Hood Thriller No. 37)
Anyone would be greatly concerned when a beautiful young woman is abducted and locked away in order for criminals to obtain a benefit to which they are not entitled.  If the beautiful young abducted woman happens to be a close friend of Ben Hood, the criminals may have just bitten off more than they can chew.

Hunter Is Missing is available for $3.99 from Smashwords.com here

A BAG OF DOLLS (Ben Hood Thriller No. 36)
It’s just a little bag of dolls.  They can’t tell you where a murdered girl is buried in a lonely rainforest, rotting away.  Ben Hood is given a little bag of dolls and asked to solve a five year old missing person case.  One of the dolls is missing from the bag.  It may be with the girl, presumed murdered and buried.  Can these dolls lead Ben to the hidden grave of the murdered girl and also identity and confront the killer?  Of course not! That would be ridiculous.  Then again…

A Bag of Dolls is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

WINTERWOOD (Ben Hood Thriller No. 35)
The mansion, WINTERWOOD was built many years ago over a disused and mostly forgotten graveyard in Katoomba.  A malevolent spirit with dangerous power is on the loose in the mansion.  A police detective has already been savagely attacked by this spirit and is now in a mental institution.  Ben Hood is hired to protect those who live in the mansion, and deal with the dead, if he can survive the task.

Winterwood is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

BLACK LAGOON (Ben Hood Thriller No. 34)
Ben reluctantly accepts an assignment to visit a small island in Fiji.  The beautiful owner of a Hedonistic resort on Volo Levu is being bullied into selling to a man who will stop at nothing including murder to get this island away from her.  Police corruption is rife.  Ben’s attempt at obtaining justice for his client puts his own life dangerously on the line.   

Black Lagoon is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

DEATH IN YOUNGHUSBAND (Ben Hood Thriller No. 33)
Witches…. Prostitutes…!! Why would Ben Hood be sent to offer his professional VIP services to women like that…especially when one of the women is accused of killing a man and hanging his body from a tree branch near the town of Younghusband, on the Murray River in South Australia. This rather weird assignment turns very deadly as Ben is drawn into a web of deceit, hatred and bitter revenge.

Death in Younghusband is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com

RAPTOR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 32) 
The Daintree Rainforest wilderness in Far North Queensland can be a dangerous place at the best of times. Crocodiles are ferocious hunters and if the crocs don’t get you, something else might. Ben Hood is sent to the Daintree to find a missing girl. He quickly learns that crocodiles are the least of his problems.

Raptor is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

THE LIME PIT (Ben Hood Thriller No. 31)
There is a special government facility near Mudgee, NSW, west of Sydney, where those who are considered a threat to public safety are ‘corrected’. Some are released back into the community. Ben Hood is hired by a Mudgee resident to investigate a spate of cat killings. The cat killings progresses to homicide. The race is on to find the killer before it escalates to something quite horrific.

The Lime Pit is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com

THE BLUE DIAMOND (Ben Hood Thriller No. 30)

Ben Hood always does a job his way even if rules have to be broken. Women are having dreams about the most expensive diamond in the world. Ben has his own particular dream about this diamond. Dreams begin to weave a fabric of credibility as to the current location of the Blue Diamond and this attracts the attention of those who would kill to possess this treasure as their own.

The Blue Diamond is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

SNIPER (Ben Hood Thriller No. 29)

He hates Ben Hood and will make him suffer.  He has the training and skills to place Ben’s life in turmoil while he furthers his own twisted plans to inflict pain on Australians generally.  None of Ben’s lovers, friends and associates can protect themselves from this deranged sniper.  Ben has to find him and find him quickly.  The problem…  Who is he? 

Sniper is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

AITUTAKI STING (Ben Hood Thriller No. 28)
Tony Haddad is strongly suspected to be hiding away millions of dollars to be used for a very nasty cause.  The Australian authorities needed to catch him but he is a very cunning criminal.  It was decided to use Ben Hood to set up a sting in the South Pacific paradise of Aitutaki.  Deception, mayhem and death surround Ben as he tackles a mission which he has basically been tricked into accepting.

Aitutaki Sting is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

THE TRACK (Ben Hood Thriller No. 27)
Ben Hood is hired to find those responsible for the attempted murder of a mentally retarded youth in the Daintree jungle of Far North Queensland.  The boy saw something on a track that he was never supposed to see.  The assignment brings Ben into contact with dangerous wild creatures, most of which are human.  Beautiful women with various motives vie for his attention.  Ben is well aware that attempting to solve the mystery of the incident on the track is likely to be impossible and probably (for him) even fatal.

The Track is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

OPERATION MOTH (Ben Hood Thriller No. 26)
She is very beautiful with exceptional academic qualifications and vast experience in the use of toxic chemicals.  ISIS needs her to achieve their goals for a catastrophic attack within Australia.  She attracts terrorists like moths to a flame.  Can Ben Hood put her in a position where the moths will be attracted and made to burn before they can kill thousands of innocent people?    

Operation Moth is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here    

INHERITANCE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 25)
Ex Detective Sergeant Ben Hood unexpectedly inherits his aunt’s beachfront land and a beautiful house following her death.  Her doctor indicated that she had suffered a heart attack and she was buried without an autopsy.  Ben found some garden hose protruding through a tiny hole in her bedroom floor.  He suspected a gas had been introduced to trigger a heart attack.  Her body was exhumed and an autopsy performed.  She had been murdered.  Her doctor then fatally shot himself.  Ben’s sudden windfall was about to become his greatest nightmare.

Inheritance is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

GET CHARLIE NOAH (Ben Hood Thriller No. 24)
Charlie Noah’s husband wants her dead and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.  She is tall, voluptuous and vulnerable.  Ex Detective Ben Hood is on holidays in Far North Queensland and their paths accidentally cross as Charlie attempts to hide from her husband’s killers.  Ben can’t resist her cry for help and the chase is on as the killers pursue her from Australia to a small island in the South Pacific.  Ben isn’t going to let anyone kill Charlie Noah but the killers are not about to let Ben stand in their way.

Get Charlie Noah is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

PROJECT DRAGONFLY (Ben Hood Thriller No. 23)
A beautiful young Chinese reporter vanishes while investigating suspicions that uranium is being illegally mined by Chinese at the abandoned Mary Katherine mine in Far North Queensland.  A Chinese film crew visit the area while making a movie re-tracing the steps of the missing reporter.  There are those who want this movie to be made for both financial and political reasons and others who will kill to stop it.  Ben Hood is hired to protect the cast and crew.  They are all walking into a treacherous plot involving political Chinese power brokers who will stop at nothing to destroy the current Chinese government with nuclear weapons if necessary.  If Project Dragonfly succeeds it could alter world history and not necessarily for the best.

Project Dragonfly is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

SECRET WOMEN'S BUSINESS (Ben Hood Thriller No. 22)
The bones of Aboriginal women and their half cast white babies lie buried beneath sand in caves on Hindmarsh Island, South Australia.  Hiding their shame was called “Secret Women’s Business.”  Ben Hood is engaged to protect a woman and her daughter on the island.  He discovers that Secret Women’s Business can also hide murder and that secret can prove very deadly.

Secret Women's Business is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

KILL THEM (Ben Hood Thriller No. 21)
Swimsuit models gather at a resort in Broome, Western Australia.  A young Aboriginal girl is brutally raped in sand dunes close by.  Ben Hood is hired to offer protection to the swimsuit crew.  Islamic State fanatics decide to launch a deadly attack on the models.  A secret government squad is dispatched to neutralise the I.S. plot.  There is obviously going to be a deadly collision course with Ben right in the middle.

Kill Them is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

LOVELESS (Ben Hood Thriller No.20)
Someone in this very exclusive swingers club is out for revenge.  Club members are brutally killed.  Ben Hood is hired initially to protect rich and beautiful women in this club but suddenly he becomes one of the prime targets for the killer.  In order to identify the killer, Ben is forced to mix with club members and in the main, beautiful women.  The killer is sly and careful and works in the dark with a knife.  Ben travels to Bali, Vanuatu and Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef during his rather reluctant involvement in tracking down the killer of the Loveless. 

Loveless is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

OUT OF THE DARKNESS (Ben Hood Thriller No. 19)
Ben Hood is hired by a beautiful Sydney model to investigate what she believes is a haunting in her house which overlooks a notorious suicide cliff at The Gap, Watsons Bay.  This treacherous location also claimed the lives of 121 men, women and children in a shipwreck in 1857.  Someone seems to have invited the spirits of some of the dead from The Gap into the basement of the model’s home.  One of the spirits is an angry vengeful man who seeks revenge on anyone he can get hold of because of his murder in 1973.  Ben is initially sceptical but the dark angry presence in the house eventually forces him into a fight for his life where his martial arts skills are of little use.

Out of Darkness is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

THE PILBARA AFFAIR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 18)
The Pilbara in the searing heat of Western Australia is not a place for the faint hearted.  Billions of dollars are made from mining iron ore for sale. Who would care if two Aboriginal men are murdered so that someone can get their hands on a mine owned by a beautiful widow?  Ex Police Detective Ben Hood ends up in the middle of a brutal family war which plunges him into The Pilbara Affair.   

The Pilbarra Affair is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

SOUTH PACIFIC AFFAIR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 17)
The discovery of a body in a creek not far from Sydney and a royal necklace stolen from the collection of the King of Tonga eventually leads Ben Hood into an assignment where he encounters dangerous people, beautiful women and an exotic coral island in the Kingdom of Tonga.  Ben faces the challenge of remaining alive and keeping his client safe with his usual flair for breaking rules and tackling dangerous people head on.

South Pacific Affair is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

ISLAND MAGIC (Ben Hood Thriller No. 16)
Lord Howe Island, just off the east coast of Australia, has prided itself in being relatively crime free for years.  With the arrival on the island of movie star Brenda Grant and a film crew, together with some twisted criminals, things are about to get very deadly.  Ben Hood is hired to protect Brenda following death threats made against her by the deranged son of the island’s resident witch.  Ben’s relationship with the 61 year old witch takes him into totally unexplored territory.  He eventually finds himself in a race against the clock to save Brenda’s life as well as the life of the beautiful witch who seems to have him spellbound. 

Island Magic is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

SUBTERRANEAN (Ben Hood Thriller No. 15)
Deep in the cold dark limestone caverns of the South Australian coastline, drugs worth millions of dollars are being smuggled inland from ocean caves.  An experienced diving instructor becomes suspicious and her mother is concerned enough to hire ex police detective Ben Hood to watch her.  Ben enrolls in her cave diving course which ultimately leads them both into a dark sinister world where deception and death are frequent stalkers. Ben is forced to deal with ruthless businessmen, professional killers both male and female and a stunning police detective who shows an intense interest in his activities and takes him to limits that have nothing whatsoever to do with the subterranean world.

Subterranean is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

GONE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 14)
Two little girls from Charters Towers in Far North Queensland are abducted during the night and vanish.  Torn and bloodstained remains of one girl’s dress are found on a remote roadway.  There is no ransom demand and no contact by the girls or their abductor.  After almost 2 years missing, the Coroner gives a finding that both girls are dead.  Ben Hood is hired by one of the distraught mothers to go over the available evidence.  Ben isn’t used to working by normal investigative rules so buried secrets are quickly unearthed and a dangerous search begins for the girls, dead or alive. 

Gone is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

ATOMIC BLONDE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 13)
She’s blonde and beautiful.  She’s wild and unpredictable.  She’s mentally fragile, unstable and abused.  She’s highly skilled in nuclear fission technology and knows how to build an atomic bomb.  Fanatics will use her in order to destroy one of the largest cities in Australia and cause catastrophic loss of life.  When her rebellious social life leads to club brawls Ben Hood is hired to keep her out of trouble.  Ben is assured it’s just another simple VIP protection job.  They should have hired someone else.      
Atomic Blonde is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

DISORGANISED CRIME (Ben Hood Thriller No. 12)
As usual, it was another uncomplicated job for Ben
Hood.  Locate a stunning Italian woman who seemed to have gone missing from a NSW country town.  Perhaps Ben should have known before he became involved, that this woman was the wife of an Australian mafia boss and that attempting to locate her would bring him on a direct collision course with men who kill to protect their family secrets and illegal business dealings.

Disorganised Crime is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

DYING IN PARADISE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 11) 
Ben Hood is reunited with the stunning Samantha Cruz, her sensual and provocative younger sister Irene, and their grandmother, Ivy Cruz as he visits Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia, to investigate fraudulent activity involving the Cruz family fortune.  Deception, lies, death, witchcraft and the spirit world collide around Ben as he sets out (with some unexpected and lethal help) to bring the offenders to the kind of justice that only Ben Hood knows and understands.

Dying in Paradise is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

CHARLOTTE'S FEAR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 10) 
When your children are kidnapped, a mother will do almost anything to get them back alive.  She will follow the instructions of the kidnapper to the letter, no matter how revolting those demands may be.  VIP operative, Ben Hood, is not given instructions to take on this kidnapping case and the desperate mother doesn’t want him interfering and risking the lives of her children.  As usual, Ben has other plans that may place the lives of the children at serious risk, but will turn the kidnapper’s life into a deadly nightmare.

Charlotte's Fear is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here 

TREASURE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 9)
There is nothing like the lure of sunken treasure to bring out the worst in people, good and bad alike.  Ex detective Ben Hood is once again dragged into a sinister world of intrigue, deceit and murder as he tries to unravel the mystery of an ancient ship, laden with stolen gold and opium, wrecked off the coast of Port Macquarie, Australia.

Treasure is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

A LOST LADY (Ben Hood Thriller No. 8)
It’s just another one of those ‘easy’ VIP security assignments for Ben Hood.  This job couldn't possibly land him in the crocodile infested Daintree Rainforest, attempting to rescue the kidnapped wife of a member of the Australian Federal Parliament, or get him tangled up with Islamic terrorists trying to launch a horrific attack inside Parliament House.  It just couldn't happen…not to Ben Hood! 

A Lost Lady is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

AN EXPLOSIVE AFFAIR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 7)
Why would anyone want to blow up an entire Australian town? How would they get their hands on sufficient explosives to even undertake such a task?  Why would ex police detective Ben Hood end up in the middle of this town at the same time as the bomber is preparing to unleash devastation?  Can an outcast, 12 year old Aboriginal girl be of any assistance to Ben in finding a way to resolve an impending catastrophe?  An Explosive Affair holds all the answers.  

An Explosive Affair is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

THE DARK AFFAIR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 6)
Ben Hood isn't all that comfortable with BDSM.  He’s never actually spanked anybody.  When the body of his partner’s brother is found washed up on the beach off an island off the coast of Far North Queensland, with a dog collar and chain around his neck, Ben finds himself dragged into a dark world where only his fighting skills and ability to survive against the odds, can keep him and others alive.

The Dark Affair is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

THE MEN'S CLUB (Ben Hood Thriller No. 5)
All Ben Hood wanted was a quiet holiday by the sea. He didn't want to spend time protecting beautiful women, repeatedly getting into fights or analysing bizarre death scenes. He didn't want to be stalked and shot at by a hit man.  Ben therefore, picked a remote coastal town in Australia where none of these things could possibly happen.  Guess what?

The Men's Club is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

DEAD WOMAN'S HOUSE (Ben Hood Thriller No. 4)
St. Helena Island in Queensland’s Moreton Bay, was a prison to some of the most vicious and dangerous criminals in Australia during the early 1900’s.  Many are buried there, some thrown down a deep well and left to die in agony.  An old house now stands over the well.  The house is empty.  The old couple who lived there are dead.  Some say it’s haunted. Someone is trying to burn it down.  Ben Hood is hired to guard the house by the stunningly beautiful granddaughter of the deceased couple.  It’s supposed to be an easy job.  Dead easy.

The Dead Woman's House is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

FLESH TRADERS (Ben Hood Thriller No. 3)
The flesh traders kidnap daughters of the wealthiest people in the world, ship them secretly to Australia, brainwash and terrorise them before selling them as sex slaves in an exclusive underwater resort. Parents are forced to make regular ransom payments, or have their daughters killed. Only ex-detective Ben Hood could accidentally stumble into an operation so sinister and dangerous. They know he knows. They have engaged the most bizarre and deadly hit man in Australia to take him out. Only a crazy person would attempt to smash this operation and try to rescue any of these girls. Then again, this is Ben Hood and they say he is a little crazy.   

Flesh Traders is available for $4.99 from Smashwords.com here

BLACK MOUNTAIN AFFAIR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 2)
Ex Detective Sergeant Ben Hood, now a VIP protection operative, finds himself the target of a twisted serial killer when he is sent to protect Far North Australian Socialite, Merinda Jerome. Bodies and body parts are turning up in the deadly and ghostly caverns of Black Mountain. A graveyard is robbed. The killer seems to be two totally different identities. Perhaps he is white, or perhaps black. He is always one step ahead of Police and always too close for comfort. He uses a variety of unusual killing techniques. The man hunt is on, but who is hunting who? 

Black Mountain Affair is available for $5.99 from Smashwords.com here

CORAL SEA AFFAIR (Ben Hood Thriller No. 1)
Ben Hood is a suspended Australian Police Detective.  He joins a VIP protection company and is sent to exotic Port Douglas in Far North Queensland to watch over a breathtaking, upcoming starlet, Brenda Grant and her American film crew as they make a movie on the Great Barrier Reef.  He never expected to get within a million miles of this amazing woman in his wildest dreams….let alone kiss her;  touch her.   Initially their hilarious encounter is just great fun.  It’s Ben Hood’s mid life crisis dream come true.    Then it goes bad. EXTREMELY bad.   

Coral Sea Affair be downloaded FREE from Smashwords.com here

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